Clinical Director

Dr. Jason J. Augustine specializes in periodontics and implant dentistry. He has been serving patients in Phoenix since 2000. He earned his doctorate in dentistry and a master’s degree in periodontal surgery from The Ohio State University. Dr. Augustine performs a wide range of non-surgical, laser assisted and surgical treatments for the management of gum disease.  He has devoted his professional career to battling oral diseases. His patients benefit from his extensive training in cosmetic gum procedures and advanced tooth replacement, featuring surgical implant dentistry. A leader in these areas, he regularly lectures on these topics and holds a position on several scientific advisory boards. Dr. Augustine maintains an active membership in numerous dental organizations. As an associate professor, he taught from 2007-2011 at Midwestern College of Dental Medicine.

While dedicating his professional life to the ethical care of patients, Dr. Augustine observed a gap in the quality and consistency of dental care for our aging population. He envisions bringing ideal health care to individuals, in an environment that is convenient and comfortable. His remedy emerged from the co-development of a new breed of business that uses fresh, innovative concepts that offer dental solutions to seniors in the assisted care community. Dr. Augustine and his partners proudly introduce, “Essential Oral Health”, and are enthusiastic about a healthier future, that extends overall quality of life.