Operations Director

Warren Myllion earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business in 2001. He grew this knowledge by working eight years in Finance. Possessing the spirit of a true entrepreneur, Warren founded a successful mortgage company with offices in Arizona and California. In 2009, he seized the opportunity to apply his road-tested business skills in the dental industry.

Warren’s diverse business tactics and dedication to getting things done the right way, attracted the attention of Van Hook Dental Studio. As National Account Manager with Van Hook, one of the top dental labs in the United States, his understanding of the industry reached new depths. Warren energetically shares his proficient understanding of dental implant systems, surgical and restorative techniques, via lectures and team training programs. He specializes in edentulous restorative treatment options and immediate load concepts. Today, this relationship continues to thrive, as Warren consistently implements new concepts that enhance the communication between the laboratory and every dental practice he manages. The strength of these relationships leads to satisfied clients, and repeat business.

The experiences Warren has had throughout his career have inspired him to fill a void he’s noticed has existed in long-term health facilities for too long. To help combat the problems of pneumonia and poor oral health among the elderly, he has teamed up with two other doctors to form Essential Oral Healthcare. Warren and the other two founding partners bring decades of experience and expertise to the table to form a cohesive, innovative organization. As Operations Director, Warren will continue to create high-quality communications, and maintain a bedrock of efficiency in a world of infinitely shifting situations.

Your long term care facility achieving its highest goals is the essence of Warren’s vision. His passion is unifying customer satisfaction with premium quality services and techniques, to tirelessly improve the quality of life for a diverse population of seniors.